Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Concentration factor in domain names worldwide

I conducted analysis on the Subscribers' concentration factor in ccTLDs. I was interested to find out the average value of domain names registered by one, single Subscriber.

In Poland we have 2.6, but it looks, some TLDs have even higer values. Generally higher value, more domains are concentrated around smaller number of subscribers.
I expected that TLDs which are popular among domainers will be high in the chart, but it was not true. For example NL is quite low, but this is domainers friendly TLD... Another example are PL and ES - I would expect that ES is placed much lower than PL, but in reality PL and ES are one the same level... Of course this subject requires more advanced statistical tools to make proper analysis, at least to find the distibuton, variation etc. but unfortunately it is almost impossible to gather very detailed data from differnet ccTLD and conduct full analysis... But now, you have to live with this chart only ;)