Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Renewal rates of .PL domains - up-to-date information.

Here you can find some up-to-date statistics of the renewal rate of .PL domain names. The main reason of this post is to give you better understanding of the Polish domain market. Here are the data:

Renewals - total .PL domains

Renewal rate (see NASK annual report) for last 3 years is as follows:

* Y2006 (registrations until the end of Y2005; renewals in Y2006): 78.69 %
* Y2007 (registrations until the end of Y2006; renewals in Y2007): 77.05%
* Y2008 (registrations until the end of Y2007; renewals in Y2008): 72.87 %
* Y2009 (registrations until the end of Y2008; renewals in Y2009): no data yet; please wait until January 2010

Renewals - one year old domains

If you look at the renewal rate of the domains that has been registered a year ago (so, the first ever renewal for a domain name), the data is completely different. The main reason is that customers are not so "bound" with a domain name; quite often domain is purchased as instant decision without any plans for the future development of such a domain name. After one year, the domain seems not to be so attractive to keep it further. Renewal rate for one year old domain names are as follows:

* year of registrations: 2005; value 63.18 %
* Y2006: 57.55 %
* Y2007: 54.15 %

See graph:

Renewals - one year old domains: Year 2008

If you look at the renewal rates for domains registered in 2008 only, here you get the data for the first 4 months. The lower renewal rates for new domains (registered in 2008) shows much lower interest in domains registered almost for free in Registrars promotions. The total renewal rate has not dropped so much in 2009 (just below 70%), so the results are characteristics only for "promotional" domain names registered in Q1 2008. For more data we have to wait until the end of the current year to be able to see the 2008 registration results (renewals in 2009).

All data presented in this post are available here and here