Tuesday, 13 January 2009

2008 Annual .PL Domain Names Report

NASK has published the Annual Report. Here you can find most important details of the situation in the Polish, fastest growing, domain market in the recent year(s).
Annual Report has been widely discussed in Poland, with many press releases including Stock Market newspapers (PARKIET), business daily newspapers (Puls Biznesu), all national most popular daily newspapers (Gazeta Wyborcza, Rzeczpospolita, Dziennik).

In all cases both paper and electronic versions covered this event (for details, check the links - all publications are in Polish):

ONET: Over 1.3 million domains under .pl [Link]
Puls Biznesu: 1.3 million domains under .pl in 2008. [Link]
Parkiet (Stock Exchange newspaper): 0.5 mln domains in 2009. [Link]
Wyborcza: 1.3 million domains under .pl in 2008. [Link]
e-biznes: 1.3 million domains under .pl in 2008. [Link]
IDG: 500 000 domain names in NetArt. [Link]
iName: Domain name business in 2008. [Link]
Rzeczpospolita: Two million .pl domains in 2009 [Link]
Webhosting: Annual NASK Report [Link]

Number of .pl domains

2008 was the best ever year for domain names market in Poland. The yearly growth was 73.5% with more than 1 300 000 domains registered as of the end of 2008.

Renewal rate in the past years

Y2Y renewal rate decreases over time. It's expected that renewal rate will stay stable just above 70%, as in most ccTLDs with open policies.

Domain names growth: dynamics in the past two years

This graph shows Q2Q nett growth. The highest growth took place in Q1 of 2008, due to the high number of newly registered domains.
January 2008 was the first month of the new, low registartion prices (10 PLN for registration of .pl domain and 7.5 PLN for .com.pl domain)

Market share of the TOP 10 registrars

Two leading Registrars: Home with 27% of the market share and NetArt (nazwa.pl) with 24%. With 131 000 unique Subscribers, NetArt is the leading Registrar as of the number of served Registrants.

Daily registrations, average

This graph shows the number of newly registered domain names every day.

DNT (Domain Name Tasting) results

NASK introduced DNT in September 2008. DNT for .PL names is different than DNT for .com: in Poland, domain name can be tasted for 2 weeks and the wholesale price is 1 PLN (0.33 USD). Thanks to Domain Name Tasting (DNT) service every Registrant can check profits and possibilities which an own domain gives as well to test the traffic before registration.

DNT - market shares

DNT market is monopolized by two companies - AZ.PL from Poland and Michau Enterprises from USA. AZ.PL share of the market increases over time and has reached 64% in the end of 2008.

WLS (Wait List Service) results

Waiting List Service called Option started on the 1st of July 2004. WLS provides the ability to option a domain name that is already registered.
The option-holder has the ability to be the first in a queue to the registration of the domain name, if the current registrant cancel renewal (or delete domain name for any other reason). There is possibility only of one option per domain name. This service can be provided for one period which runs 3 years. WLS can be registered by Registrars only. Wholesale fee for the option for the registration of .pl domain name is 30 PLN.

For the source document, please visit: Report
For more about .PL Registrar Program go here