Thursday, 21 August 2008

AFTERMARKET: 85% of expired .PL names are registered in first 24 hours...

NASK did some analysis on how fast expired names under .PL are registered back.

In June 2008, 63% of such names were taken[1] in first 24 hours... In July 2008, 85% names are taken in first 24 hours.

What is more important, in first 2 seconds, 45% of names are already taken. It's amazing!

In the 1st minute, 60% names are taken.

There are few reasons why we have such good "performance" of .PL and particularly our domainers today and why we made such progress in the last few months:
1. NASK started publication of the list of expired names (three times a day),
2. exact expiration time is visible to everybody in WHOIS service,
3. Aftermarket in Poland is mature enough and we have tens of well qualified Domainers in our country,
4. Registry system is very stable, efficient and is able to handle hundreds of requests per second,

Statistics on how fast domains are taken, were also discussed on tvn CNBC interview on August 20, 2008. To download recording go to , login to your account and search for "nask".

You can see the statistics in Polish language version on my Blog

[1] under .pl, domain that is available for registration, can be: registered, booked or tasted; in my calculations, by saying "domain is taken", I assume that domain is registered OR booked OR tasted.