Monday, 6 December 2010

Swiss bank closes Assagne account

PostFinance Logo (link)
Few days ago in my BLOG I said "The last but not least is the choice of a bank. For such organization as WikiLeaks banks registered in US or with US investors are not an option... WikiLeaks decided to use Commerzbank and Swiss Post (PostFinance), especially the last one to guarantee rather uninterrupted service."

I was definitely wrong.  Today PostFinance said in statement "PostFinance has ended its business relationship with Julian Paul Assange". In the explanation, PostFinance says that Assagne "provided false information regarding his place of residence during the account opening process".

PostFinance is another financial institution after PayPal getting rid of WikiLeaks and WikiLeaks founder... Interesting story but no more blogs about WikiLeaks problems. It becomes boring...

This post is a follow up to the WikiLeak Story:


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