Friday, 3 December 2010

November closed down for .US domain count

My blog posted on November 6th was entitled .US Domain Is Back On Track... Unfortunately November closed down for .US domain count. With 1,610,492 at the end of October, .US zone file contained in November only 1,607,455 domains, 3,037 below October count.

October has become relatively a good month for .US domain operated by NeuStar. American ccTLD ended October with 17,283 domains above September's results.

Looking at the graph, we can see fluctuations of .US zone month to month. US ccTLD is neither growing nor declining. It's surprising, because almost all big TLDs, are steady growing. November closed up for most big TLDs except .MOBI and .TEL.

The question is what NeuStar is going to do to promote .US. For NeuStar, the big telecommunication company, dotUS domain business is just a fraction of their revenue. What's more important, domain business for NeuStar is rather PR activity than focus on the results (number of registered domain names). Anyway it would be great to see .US growing at least with the average speed of the gTLD and ccTLD domain names market.

NeuStar, heads up and make it grow :)

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