Friday, 26 November 2010

Marketing: How to loose money with Google AdWords

Google AdWords are not difficult to manage campaigns, optimize keywords, setting budget, max. CPC etc. But why to set up a campaign? The answer is simple. You get through to customers who are already searching for the product or service that your company offers.

Let's focus on the example. If the customers search for "mobile phone", it's easy to understand that mobile carriers should use "mobile phone" keyword(s) to display Ads in search results and get the customers in. This is the "normal" way - you pay for the clicks you can't get for free. When customer enters Your company name (like "Yon Consulting" in my case) and the results bring Your company on the first place (like in the example below) in the search results, why to display Your advertisement too?
Why to promote yourself paying for your company name as keyword to get your advertisement on the top of the results you get for free??? Unfortunately it's quite typical mistake of the marketing departments in the big (and small) companies... Here are the examples...

Orange pays for their ad to be displayed if "orange" is typed in Google. Do they loose money? Yes. Do they care? No...

Galeries Lafayette 
The same story... check by yourself...

I can show you thousands of companies paying for their trademarks and company names as keywords. Do you also pay for your TM or company name to be displayed over your cost-free result(s)?


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