Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Yon Consulting's CEO @ Internetdagarna

Internetdagarna is Sweden’s primary meeting place for Internet professionals. It is organized by .SE - Swedish ccTLD Registry.

Stockholm 2010
Internetdagarna is an amazing conference, with 750 attendees this year. I would never expect such a big event with so many attendees and distinguished speakers in the country with 9 million citizens. Sweden is focused on new technologies so maybe I shouldn't be surprised anyway...? Congratulations to NIC.SE for the great event. Good PR for them and the whole Swedish IT-business. 

As former .PL Registry's Head and CENTR's Chairman, I was invited to give a speech on the Polish domain market and factors which are driving the demand for domain names, and how long can we expect that growth to continue.

Stockholm 2010
To summarize my presentation, I would like to point you to two main aspects. The first is the reason why people register domains. What drives them to purchase a name under a TLD? Here are three reasons behind registrants' decision:
  • “Must have” for business to be recognized in the country (like .DE .CZ .PL) → primary market
  • Investments (like .CO .ME) → secondary market
  • TM protection against cybersquatters (like .FR .BIZ .INFO) → defensive registrations
The next aspect is the TLD Registry itself. What can Registry do to facilitate growth. Let me show you one slide, based on .PL situation. I'm proud to be the author of .PL success, so let me give you a recipe for a successful TLD...

To download the full presentation go here
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