Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The biggest e-mail provider in Poland is out of service.

Poland, 14:27 UTC:
The biggest Polish portal has some important services unavailable (like e-mail for a few million users...).

Evacuation or Flooded?
As of 20.00 UTC , May 18th, we are still receiving contradicting news. Some sources confirm that the server-room(s) of ITI have been flooded, but other sources confirm that the problem has been caused by evacuation of the equipment from the server-room of Onet.pl which is located in Cracow.

Parts of southern Poland, including Cracow, has been flooded due to heavy rain. Parts of Poland, but also the Czech Republic and Hungary have felt the full force of the weather.

Critical Infrastructure: 
After the critical situation with rains and flooding in Poland is over, it would be good for Polish authorities to investigate the preparedness of the Critical Infrastructure, defined as assets that are essential for the functioning of a society and economy, for such situation like we are facing now.

It's a good question, if the private company, today the biggest among on-line media in Poland, should be treated as part of the Critical Infrastructure or not?

15:31 UTC: Situation with e-mail service provided by Onet is still not resolved. No official announcement from Onet.pl.

16:21 UTC: Onet's e-mail service resumed.

(photo source:
first: bartosiewicz.pl
second: 24-7floodresponse.com)

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